Chelsea and Spurs fans fight in stands after ‘disagreement over supporter shout’

A video has emerged of two Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur fans throwing fisticuffs during the friendly game at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.

Both clubs and Arsenal are taking part in a pre-season tournament named the ‘Mind Series’ this August with the aim of raising awareness for mental health.

The two bitter rivals fought it out on the pitch in a 2-2 stalemate with Hakim Ziyech scoring both goals for the Blues while Lucas Moura and Steven Bergwijn earned Spurs a draw.

But two fans seemingly missed the memo that it was a ‘friendly’ and ended up fighting in front of a bemused crowd in the stands.

The video shows a man in a blue buttoned-up shirt, believed to be a Tottenham supporter, being struck by a bigger man as he sits in the Chelsea end at Stamford Bridge.

It then appears that the man who was hit first gets up and throws punches of his own as a third person with a topknot separates the two, shouting: “You don’t get to do that. Don’t you dare.”

The bigger bald man then seemingly exits the stands, having attacked the seated Spurs fan after he allegedly shouted ‘Come on you Spurs’, while in the Chelsea end.

Someone in the background then appears to say ‘That’s what happens’, seemingly in relation to the act of cheering on a rival while sitting in a stand designated for Blues supporters.

Fans on social media have shared mixed opinions regarding the fight.

One commenter said: “I hate the fact you can't go the game with your mate who supports another team.”

Others were less sympathetic to the Spurs fan, saying: “In a perfect world, you should be able to support your team in any part of any ground. We don't live in a perfect world.

“Total lack of common sense by the Spurs supporter. He was lucky it was only one Chelsea supporter who had a pop.”

Another commented on the lack of security by sarcastically adding: “Terrific work by the steward seemingly stood behind the wall watching….”

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