Duncan Ferguson keeps promise to fan who got F-bomb rant for school attitude

Duncan Ferguson has kept a promise to a fan who received an F-bomb rant off the Everton assistant manager for his attitude at school.

Earlier this year, Toffees supporter Jack Simmons uploaded a video of Ferguson to Twitter.

In the clip, which has received over 1.9million views, the Scotsman sent a foul-mouthed but well-intentioned message to Simmons's younger brother, telling him to buck his ideas up in school with the promise of a visit if he got good results.

It went: "Hiya young Tom, you alright son? It's Duncan Ferguson here from Everton Football Club. I just wanted to wish you all the best pal.

"Your teacher, old Tom, has told me you've been f***ing slacking off a wee bit in your photography, is that right? We cannae be having that mate. You better get your finger out and make sure you get the f****ing results.

"And if you get the results right, you stick in, I'll come and see you.

"I'll take you for a bit of lunch and I'll come to your house or something, aye. We'll sit down and have a wee chat. Is that alright mate?

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"So you make sure you stick in and don't f*** the job up. Anyway, look, here's Goodison for you. What do you think of that? Hopefully you'll be back soon lad, eh?"

Ferguson's message clearly did the trick, because on Thursday, Simmons posted a new image on Twitter showing himself, his younger brother and Ferguson enjoying a bit of food together.

The tweet, which has so far been liked by over 1,900 people, is captioned: "Big Dunc sticking to his word after my brother got the results he needed in school and took him out for food.

"Made sure that I got invited to and not one of his mates."

Simmons and the rest of Everton's supporters will be hoping that Ferguson and Rafael Benitez can continue the club's excellent start to the season when they face Burnley on Monday.

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