Javier Tebas has NOT spoken to Vinicius Jnr since Valencia match

Javier Tebas admits he has NOT spoken to Vinicius Jnr since the Real Madrid star was racially abused against Valencia… but the LaLiga chief claims he has ‘no objection’ to meeting with the Real Madrid star and hopes he stays in Spain

  • Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior was targeted with racial abuse against Valencia 
  • Javier Tebas claimed that he predicted the Brazilian would win a Ballon d’Or 
  • Pepe Reina tells Vinicius Jnr to be ‘more mature’ and not ‘provoke’ rivals fans

Javier Tebas admitted that he has had no contact with Vinicius Junior since the Brazilian was subjected to racial abuse at the Mestalla. 

The Real Madrid star was targeted by Valencia fans with racist chants during a LaLiga clash earlier this week.

However, despite a widespread outpouring of support for the player, the LaLiga chief told Vinicius Jnr to ‘inform yourself’ on social media after a post from the player calling for action.

Tebas has since apologised for his comments, and at a press conference on Thursday also outlined his hopes for the player to remain in Spanish football, amid rumours he could pursue a move elsewhere after several similar incidents.  

‘After the events in Valencia, I have not spoken to him. I have no objection to doing so when he considers it appropriate,’ said Tebas.

Javier Tebas admitted that he has not spoken to Vinicius Jnr since the Valencia match

Vinicius Jnr (left) was visibly upset on the field at the time and gestured towards the spectators

‘I hope he continues in Spanish football and we will show that this organization fights against racism.’ 

Tebas began by insisting he has always had a personal respect for Brazil star Vinicius Jnr, claiming that he predicted he would replace Lionel Messi as the face of the division and claiming he would win a Ballon d’Or in the future.

And when asked what he would say to the player if given the option, he stated that he would explain his own frustration with the current method of dealing with cases of racial abuse.

‘I would explain everything we do to him. I am frustrated because I know that it is not being done properly based on the competencies. I would explain these issues to him because I was very upset.’

But Tebas also stated that Vinicius was being targeted by abusers because of the quality he was capable of bringing to the pitch, claiming that fellow greats Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi previously received plenty of abuse.

He maintained that there was special ‘vigilance’ in place for the Brazilian’s away games as he is the ‘best player’ in LaLiga. 

‘The great players are targets of the wrath of racist insults. Vinicius is the best player our competition has and he is the wrath of the intolerant. That is why we have placed special vigilance in the games that Vinicius plays away from home. 

‘He generates that Specify animosity. Another mistake is to think that it provokes. It is not like that. It already happened to Cristiano and Messi. It is not because he is a provocateur.’

The LaLiga president insisted that he wanted Vinicius to remain in Spain amid uncertainty over his future

He also stated that the fight against racism in his LaLiga had been going on for some time, and was not something that had recently come to the fore. 

The LaLiga president also highlighted previous abuse that had been targeted at the Williams brothers, Inaki and Nico, who currently play for Athletic Bilbao, explaining that complaints had been filed, and in the case of Inaki, is pending trial.

Tebas explained the procedure LaLiga had previously undertaken following claims of racist abuse from Vinicius, claiming that a new course of action was decided upon after several fruitless attempts at seeking justice. 

‘On March 14, 2022 in a Mallorca vs Real Madrid match in the expressions against Vinicius, the prosecutor filed the complaint. In the match against Atlético, the Madrid prosecutor filed again.

‘We decided to change the strategy because the prosecutor’s office did not prosper. We have always been left alone.

‘It is a very important issue for me to defend the competition. Just today an order to remove people belonging to the Atlético Front has been detected. The only person who is present is LaLiga, no other institution.

‘All this before the incidents that have occurred in Mestalla. On April 4 Vinicius had to testify by videoconference in Mallorca. LaLiga appeared and again alone with the player.’ 

Tebas also faceed questions over a previous case of racial abuse targeted at the Real Madrid star, when Atletico Madrid fans directed chants at the player before suspending an effigy of the player from a bridge. 

Four people have been arrested in connection with the hanging effigy after a hate crime investigation was launched by police with three of the Ultras having previously been ‘identified during matches classified as high risk.’

‘He will have full knowledge of the detainees, with names and surnames,’ said Tebas when asked about the current situation. ‘They will not step on one more field because the judge has decided so.’


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