Mark Clattenburg reveals he was accused of match-fixing in 2015

Mark Clattenburg reveals he was accused of match-fixing by a ‘snake’ fellow official in 2015 after buying an Audi – and was cleared by ex-ref and former police officer Howard Webb

  • Mark Clattenburg has revealed he was accused of match-fixing in 2015 
  • He says the allegation came from a fellow official who he describes as a ‘snake’ 
  • The allegation was made due to suspicions over his purchase of an Audi R8 
  • Former referee Howard Webb cleared the official of any wrongdoing 

Mark Clattenburg has revealed that he was accused of match-fixing by a fellow official in 2015, labelling his colleague ‘a snake, the smiling assassin’.

Writing in his autobiography Whistle Blower, to be released on September 30, the former Premier League referee says that PGMOL boss Mike Riley instructed Howard Webb to investigate after the suspicion was raised.

Webb, at the time PGMOL technical director and a police officer, found no evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever and warned Riley that to make public the allegations could ruin Clattenburg’s career. The matter was dropped.

Mark Clattenburg has revealed that he was accused of match-fixing by a fellow official in 2015 

But Clattenburg wrote: ‘He (unnamed official) suspected me of match-fixing. Why did he think that? Because I had just bought an Audi R8 sports car. He had a hunch, apparently. Angry does not come close to describing how I felt.

‘I was still called into a few meetings and asked to explain why I had met a certain individual in Dubai. This fella was a “fixer”, but not a bloody match-fixer! He could get you discounts on water parks and restaurants. It was ridiculous what they were insinuating.

‘I can honestly say, I have never been approached about match-fixing. English officials are regarded as clean the world over.’

Clattenburg has taken aim for several of those he worked alongside and reveals his fraught relationship with bosses Riley and David Elleray, as well as referee Martin Atkinson.

Former Premier League referee Howard Webb cleared Clattenburg of any wrongdoing

‘It is a strange game, refereeing,’ he wrote. ‘We are largely unpopular to the outside world and plagued by in-fighting and bitching on the inside. I would argue I was close to the good guys, the normal ones. As for the rest of them? They were a bunch of weirdos half the time.’

He added: ’I found it pathetic how many other officials wanted to be part of his (Atkinson’s) little gang. You would be on a European trip and one of Atkinson’s minions would be with you as fourth official, and you knew he was reporting back to his master.’ 

Extracted from WHISTLE BLOWER by Mark Clattenburg, published on 30th September by Headline at £20. © Mark Clattenburg 2021. To order a copy for £18 (offer valid to 2/10/21; UK P&P free on orders over £20), visit or call 020 3308 9193.

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