Messi's face grows in field in Argentina after World Cup victory

Cream of the crop! Argentine farmer grows 124-acre image of Lionel Messi visible from SPACE after planting specially designed corn field to celebrate star’s World Cup heroics

  • Messi’s face has appeared as a 124-acre image in a corn field
  • Agricultural coding was used to help plant seeds in their specific order
  • Argentinian farming expert created code to show pride in football team

A portrait of World Cup hero Lionel Messi has grown on a stretch of farmland in his native country of Argentina.

With the aid of computer technology the seeds were able to be planted in a specific order using an algorithm that changes the density of where the seeds are planted in a certain area – resulting in a 124-acre image of Messi.

The corn field, which can be seen from space, was planted by farmer Maximiliano Spinazze who told Reuters, ‘Now they are world champions, I am delighted this can be expressed by planting the crop.’ 

The face of Argentinian footballer Messi has shown that the nation’s pride and revelry haven’t died down just yet 

Messi’s face made from seedlings on the surface of one of Argentina’s most fertile regions

The algorithm is the invention of agronomist Carlos Faricelli who designed the coding for the seed sewing machines.

Following Argentina’s win at the World Cup, 26 growers have asked for this specific code to reproduce the Messi plant portrait. 

Winning the World Cup has been a welcome and needed distraction for many in Argentina, especially as inflation and interest rates begin to rise.

Ironically, the region in which the Messi face was grown, Pampas, has been suffering varying degrees of drought since 2017.

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