Micah Richards jokes he's taking Roy Keane on a ROAD TRIP with him

Micah Richards jokes that he’s taking Roy Keane on a ROAD TRIP with him, to his fellow pundit’s apparent horror… with ex-Manchester City man claiming ‘he definitely wants to punch me!’

  • Micah Richards and Roy Keane could be taking their bromance on tour
  • Richards joked that Keane said they would be going on a road trip together
  • Keane struggled to hide a grimace as Richards shared the video on Instagram
  • The pair have provided a host of memorable moments on Sky Sports together 

Micah Richards’ blossoming bromance with Roy Keane has been a broadcasting highlight of the past year.

And the prospect of Sky Sports’ popular punditry double act taking their routine on tour would be sure to provide more memorable moments. 

The former Manchester City defender teased it could be a possibility in an Instagram video, though much to the apparent horror of the Manchester United legend.

Micah Richards joked he was going on a road trip with Roy Keane (left) with Laura Woods (right) as his witness

Richards and Keane have formed a double act during their punditry work on Sky Sports

The pair were on air for City’s Carabao Cup semi-final victory over their Manchester rivals at Old Trafford on Wednesday night, when Richards suggested the idea.

As Keane barely disguised a grimace, Richards said: ‘Roy, you said we’re going a tour? Didn’t you?’

He then pans to Sky Sports presenter Laura Woods as she walked past, adding: ‘Loz, you’re my witness. We’re going on a road tour!’.

He captioned the video: ‘@LauraWoodsy is my witness. Road trip Richards/Keane. He definitely wants to punch me’.

Richards’ blossoming bromance with Keane has been a broadcasting highlight of the past year

The pair’s on-screen relationship has given an insight into a different side of Keane, whose on-air barbs have become legendary.

In November, Richards caught Keane out applying make-up before going on air, while Keane had Richards in stitches in the studio last month as he ribbed Gary Neville.

Their first TV clash came in March last year, when Keane took umbridge with Richards’ suggestion that he ‘burst onto the scene’ at Manchester City. 

Keane called him out for his choice of words, claiming that defenders rarely ever burst onto the scene.

‘Well, hold on!’ the ex-Man City player replied, standing his ground. ‘I played for England at 18; youngest ever defender to play for England. I would say that’s bursting onto the scene.’

Richards erupted when Keane made a joke about Gary Neville on air last month 

A few months later Richards could barely contain himself when Keane looked bemused at Aston Villa’s dressing room celebrations after securing Premier League survival on the last day.

Richards wrote about his relationship with Keane in a Sportsmail column last year.

He said: ‘I love working with Roy Keane on Sky, though we don’t always agree, such as when I spoke about wanting to see more players with a smile on their face!

‘My followers on Instagram enjoy my behind-the-scenes videos with Roy, but he doesn’t understand the attraction of social media and what he calls ‘all that nonsense’, so I don’t think he’ll be joining any time soon!

Richards was made up to see Roy Keane applying cosmetics before going on air in November

‘When you work with him, it’s sink or swim. The first time we were together on TV, I said I’d ‘burst on to the scene’, and he replied with a wry smile, ‘Did you burst on to the scene? Very few defenders burst on to the scene.’

‘I fought my corner and, since then, he has been as good as gold with me. He was a legend as a player and I know I could never compete with him in terms of medals. What I like to do, though, is take him out of his comfort zone and see his reactions.

‘It’s never dull when we’re on air. I’ve had hundreds of messages telling me we should do a travel show. And while Roy has never hidden his ambition to return to coaching, I’m keen to spend more time with him in 2021. I don’t know if the feeling is mutual!’

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