Mourinho takes another dig at Sterling after he’s left out of Man City XI

Jose Mourinho had another dig at Raheem Sterling ahead of Tottenham vs Manchester City.

The Portuguese boss had previously suggested that the winger’s withdrawal from the England squad might have been influenced in some way by his club ahead of the fixture.

Mourinho had said: “Gareth (Southgate), I read, supposedly said that some club managers put pressure on the players not to play for the national team.

“I would like him to say who. I would like him to say which are the coaches who put pressure on the players not to go.

“Of course we all know that Sterling's going to play. When Eric Dier left the national team injured in the past month, he didn’t play two matches for Tottenham.

“But Raheem is going to play in this match. These are the little details that I think Gareth should explain to us all.”

Pep Guardiola then said in response: "Mourinho has to speak to the doctor for the national team of England and the doctor for Manchester City.

“Except maybe Mourinho is a doctor, I don't know."

Then when asked about the status of his side on Saturday, Mourinho said: "We are not as ready as Sterling because he was resting the whole week, but we are fine. We are ready for the game.”

And adding of the game: “Progress is a process. An isolated match doesn’t tell us much.

“But of course this is an important match against a team for the last ten years is always champion or trying to be champion. So it is going to be very difficult.”

Guardiola then said of the absence of Sterling: “I decide on the players. He has trained one day.

“He has trained one day in the last week but he has a special physicality, but is not perfect.”

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