Neil Warnock considering getting Botox to keep hold of his ‘youthful looks’

Football manager Neil Warnock has said he is thinking about getting Botox to stay youthful.

The veteran, who’s had 18 management stints over the past 40 years, is the second-oldest league boss after former England coach Roy Hodgson, 73.

Warnock said: “I’m 72 but don’t think I look my age and certainly don’t feel it.

“I am considering getting some Botox next year just to keep my youthful appearance.”

Warnock was ready to retire.

But he said he put his plans on hold after being given the opportunity to take charge of Middlesbrough.

He said: “My immediate reaction was, ‘That’s another retirement scuppered,’ but I had to ask my wife Sharon.

“We’ve got a place in Italy and were intending to spend a few months there.”

Warnock told FourFourTwo magazine he takes care of his health because his dad did not make it into his 70s.

He said: “My dad smoked 50 fags a day, so his lungs weren’t in a great state.

“That’s what makes me appreciate life a lot more.”

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