Newcastle’s last CL XI had player who left ‘nasty caterpillar cake’ in fridge

Newcastle’s last team to play Champions League football included a player who left a huge ‘caterpillar cake’ poo in the fridge.

The Magpies confirmed their Champions League return on Monday with a 0-0 draw against Leicester. One point was enough to put Eddie Howe’s side out of reach for Liverpool and ensure a top-four spot for the first time since 2003.

Howe and the St. James’ Park faithful will no doubt be delighted at the achievement, though the Englishman will be hoping his players conduct themselves with greater decorum than Andy Griffin – the last Newcastle right-back to play in the tournament.

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Griffin spent six years at St James' Park, accumulating 104 appearances for the now Saudi-owned club. However, he certainly had his quirks as he looked to repulse and shock his teammates at every opportunity possible.

And on one occasion, the defender went above and beyond to pull off a truly horrific prank on his understudy Bradley Orr.

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“Griff is one of my best mates, never mind football, one of my best friends, what a fella,” Orr said to the Under the Cosh podcast. “I lived with him for a few years – he’s around the bend, nuts, horrible creature, but an absolute diamond.

“Griff was playing week in, week out at this point and you know when you have to stay behind to do extra and stuff. I come in the flat one day and he’s asleep on the couch, and I’ve gone off and gone into the fridge and there is a turd that long on the top shelf of the fridge.

“I’m like ‘are you for f****** real? We’ve got to live here, this is our fridge, with a big log about that long,” Orr said while stretching his arms out. “He wasn’t asleep, he was just down laughing his head off and I was like ‘there’s something wrong with you mate’.

“You know when you s*** on your own doorstep, you have s*** in your own fridge,” Orr added. “He thought it was just hilarious.” After a sustained period of laughter, Jon Parkin asked “was it like a caterpillar cake on the fridge?”


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