Premier League kits 2020-21: Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool..

Premier League kits 2020-21: All the home and away strips worn by Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea and all other teams plus latest third kits revealed

  • Manchester United last of the ‘big six’ to unveil new home strip
  • Premier League champions Liverpool released throwback mid-1990s design 
  • Bournemouth and West Ham were the first clubs to unveil 2020-21 home shirts
  • Chelsea unveiled their new Nike home kit at the start of July with a new sponsor 
  • Sportsmail will assess EVERY new Premier League kit as they are released 

It’s been a summer like no other in the Premier League with little time passing between the end of one season and the start of another.

But nothing brings about a new campaign like a mass changing of football strips, with many top flight clubs releasing three brand new designs on an annual basis now.

Some even like to unveil their new strips before a season is over (looking at you Bournemouth) while others can keep their powder dry even up to the start of a new campaign.

Either way, Sportsmail will keep you up-to-date here over the summer with all the official match strip releases (and a few of the leaked ones) from every Premier League side.



Arsenal have endured a rotten few years outside of the Champions League and there is little understanding right now of what direction the club is heading in.

And that brings us to their home shirt for the 2020-21 season. It seems a fitting one too as it features monochrome arrows in opposing directions and interlocking with each other. The team photo could be amusing, Clowns to the left, jokers to the right… you know the rest.

Although not unique in the club’s history, it’s rare for the Gunners to adopt a monchrome red pattern on the front of their kits and all joking aside it’s a welcome fresh take from adidas.


Arsenal’s new home kit features opposing red arrows on the body of the shirt

It was worn for the first time on the final day of the 2019-20 campaign against Watford

The monochrome arrows feature on the reverse of the shirt, with white shorts and red socks completing the Gunners’ home strip for the 2020-21 season

AWAY KIT (not yet official)

A leaked Arsenal away strip has also been doing the rounds and it features the kind of design you would want to leak to perhaps test the water before you release it.

Some have compared it to a raspberry ripple ice-cream, others were a bit more graphic by believing it was more like a blood stained jersey. Surely though the big alarming point is there is far too much Tottenham white isn’t there? This might just be the best Rorschach test to conduct on an Arsenal supporter.

Arsenal’s away kit for the 2020-2021 season has been leaked on Twitter by FootyHeadlines

Aston Villa


Premier League safety is secured for another season, but Aston Villa look set to keep their powder dry as they look to kick on in 2020-21, at least on the kit front.

Kappa’s latest design is quite standard. Claret body with blues sleeves feature again, although the woven in monochrome stripes are a nice attention to detail.

Some may even consider the strip a little boring but with varied kit suppliers producing some tacky home strips in recent years, this should be quite popular with supporters.


John McGinn helped reveal Aston Villa’s new home kit ahead of the 2020-21 campaign

Brighton & Hove Albion


A fourth consecutive season in the Premier League beckons for Brighton and in an attempt to avoid going a little stale, there has been a fresh look to their home strip.

The Seagulls are familiar with playing in blue and white stripes but their history has seen plenty of alterations with the home design, if not the colours.

This year’s home offering might just be tier boldest take since 1994, when short shorts were still a thing, and ghastly thin stripes across the front which made them look like running optical illusions. 

Thankfully though, Nike’s effort to kit them out in a blue design with white pin stripes and a smart collar to match looks ace. We’re not sure about the need for the dark trim on the socks, but that’s being unfairly picky.


Brighton’s new home strip features a blue base complimented by white pin stripes and a collar

The Seagulls wore the new strip on the final day of the 2019-20 season against Burnley



Chelsea have been forced into releasing their new home kit before the end of the season after their sponsorship with Yokohama tyres expired at the end of June.

Gone is the crazy paving and in comes a cleaner strip with navy blue trim around the neck and sleeves. It may look simple but it’s a combination not done by the club before and is a marked upgrade on last term. Fans are sure to appreciate ‘The Pride of London’ stitched into the fabric.

With some big signings coming into the side for the 2020-21 season, Chelsea could target a treble winning season of some kind. Then that new sponsorship with ‘Three’ will really look the part… or the summer spend up could see a title challenge fall flat and just confirm their final Premier League position. Either way a thumbs up for Nike, here.

Home kit verdict: 8/10 

Chelsea have unveiled their fresh home shirt with new sponsors Three on the front

Tammy Abraham models the shirt which has the phrase ‘The Pride of London’ embossed into it


Well we already know where this kit will not be worn next season, and that’s the Etihad Stadium.

That’s because on a casual glance this has all the hallmarks of being a Manchester City strip – although to avoid that colour association, the club refer to its colour as arctic blue.

We would let that slide being it is an away kit and colours to a certain extent can be experimented with. The minor irritation with this strip is that the dashes on it make it look like a pajama top. For the sake of supporters let’s hope their performances in it next term do not send anyone to sleep (ba-dum-tish). Stil, there will be worse kits unveiled this season.


Chelsea have unveiled a new ‘Arctic blue’ away kit, which they will wear on Tuesday night – Mason Mount is a fan

The sky blue strip also features dark blue trimmings on the sleeves and V-neck collar

THIRD KIT (Not yet official)

The Chelsea third kit, or a Crystal Palace design gone wrong?

Either way we are not convinced by this one. Filed in the ‘believe it when we see it’ category, and even then we would then have to rub our eyes again in disbelief.

Pictures of Chelsea’s leaked potential third kit for the 2020-21 season have surfaced online

Crystal Palace


No messing about from Puma this year. Three new Palace kits, all with the same design but which version is best?

The middle stripe, with additions to the side of the kit ensure a unique take from a typical stripe and that in itself deserves praise for originality.

It’s not going to become an iconic sash anytime soon, but it’s a smart enough home strip for Palace supporters to enjoy and it’s the best of the trio of kits on offer this term.


Crystal Palace have released a unique stripe design for their home kit this term


Nothing wrong with a white strip complimented by read and blue. For a long time they were considered the home colours for the Eagles.

But here it just does not look quite right. Is it the new gold sponsor perhaps being a bit intrusive to the design? An easy scapegoat admittedly.

Whatever it is, this is probably the least attractive of the three Palace strips on offer this term. Not by much, mind.


The away kit for Crystal Palace matches the design used on the home strip for 2020-21


Black has long been used as a main change strip colour now for the Eagles, so there are few surprises here – especially if you had already seen the previous two kits for the season.

In fact, this is pretty much a copy of the away kit, only with the inclusion of black colours instead of white.

It does though look slightly better than it’s change strip counterpart. 


Palace’s third strip is similar to their away kit only differing by using black instead of white



Following another season to forget, Everton head into 2020-21 hoping to kick on under manager Carlo Ancelotti and sustain a challenge for a place in Europe.

And even if they don’t at least they will look good trying… aesthetically at least.

Everyone’s favourite 1980s throwback hummel are back on the scene and will supply the Toffees for new campaign, and what a job they have done too.

The key details are there, the chevron patches down the sleeve feature the iconic half bold, half stripes detail, while blue stripes are faintly woven into the chest. This may be the best home kit of the season. Supporters agree too. It’s already the fastest selling shirt in the club’s history. 


Everton will now have their kits supplied by hummel for the 2020-21 campaign


Time to go retro again and hummel have gone back to 1970 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Everton’s seventh league title with the release of an amber and blue away strip.

The combination of colours were first used on an Everton away design in 1968, with that particular number lasting a good four years. Unthinkable in today’s climate of ‘flood the markets with three brand new strips every season’.

Amber and blue has been revisited a good number of times since, the last being in 2014, and once more hummel have produced a cracker here. Sport’s most underrated kit supplier? They rarely get it wrong do they?


Alex Iwobi, Theo Walcott and Seamus Coleman show off Everton’s new amber and blue strip



It’s a new era for Liverpool. Premier League and world champions, no more years of hurt to wait of any title of note and they even have a new kit supplier too.

The Reds have signed up with Nike for the first time in their history, so what did they create to help mark their first Premier League win in 30 years, which was inevitable since Christmas?

It’s a strip based on mid-1990s design when the Reds had long lost their way at the pinnacle of the game and at the time were no longer even playing in the Champions League.

It’s all to do with the green trimmed collar, last seen in 1995, with the detailing also appearing on the sleeves. It’s a bit of an odd throwback… but it looks absolutely brilliant.


Liverpool have officially released their new Nike home shirt for the coming 2020-21 season

Captain Jordan Henderson is seen wearing the new strip, which contains a green trim

The kit shows throwback reference to the green-trimmed home shirt worn from 1993 to 1995

Manchester City


Manchester City’s kits have looked pretty stylish in recent seasons but like their time at the top of the Premier League, not everything can last.

Sadly for Pep Guardiola’s team, their new home kit doesn’t have that clean look. While the mosaic styling that is offered up is an option of a refresh and something different for supporters to get into, it is perhaps a format best used as an away kit.

It’s a home kit that does itself little favour by being a symbolic reference to a team’s English domination being broken. But can it fix itself by being associated with a major title come the end of the 2020-21 season?


Sergio Aguero poses in the kit, which features a mosaic design across the front

Manchester City have unveiled their new Puma home kit for the 2020-21 campaign


It’s one of football’s biggest questions… ok maybe not one of the biggest, but there is an intrigue into how do you make an (almost) black kit interesting.

Puma have given it a go with Pep Guardiola’s side and we find they have had a good stab at it.

The black shirt features navy blue detailing within it that celebrates Manchester’s rich culture of Castlefield and the Bridgewater canal and it’s capped off with copper detailing – a welcome detour from the easy way out of gold. All we want to know is why then finish the look with largely navy blue socks rather than black? Just looks a little off.


Manchester City have launched their new black and copper away kit for the 2020-21 season

Although the strip is almost entirely black, the socks for the kit will be in a blue colour 

The away kit contains a pattern of the bridge near Bridgwater Canal in Castlefield (above)

THIRD KIT (not yet official)

Just when Manchester City fans thought it could not get any worse during a season where they lost their grip on the Premier League title, their reported third kit was leaked.

It’s hard to imagine any team being taken seriously wearing this. Even before it has been confirmed City supporters have effectively dubbed it a James May kit, given the similarities to shirts worn by the TV presenter. If Puma are thinking of this design, now’s probably the time to abort.

Manchester City’s supposed third kit for the 2020-21 campaign has been leaked on Twitter

Some fans have claimed that the design looks similar to shirt worn by TV presenter James May

Manchester United


Champions League football is back at Manchester United this term, and there is little doubt Europe’s premier club competition always looks better when arguably England’s biggest football club is in town.

But will they look the part strutting around the continent next term? We are not sure adidas have got the latest home number correct, even if they have made a solid effort in producing a unique design.

The idea of using the badge colours to detail the shirt is not a bad one, just that it feels too much like an away strip concept. It’s perhaps a little too gimmicky for a United home shirt. Swing and a miss.


Manchester United have unveiled their new adidas home kit for the 2020-21 season

Paul Pogba’s name is shown on the reverse of the kit which has the same detail as the front 

Marcus Rashford and Scott McTominay pose in the strip, which will cost fans from £65 to £100

The red shirt is mixed with threads from the club crest to produce a subtly patterned fabric

AWAY KIT (not yet official)

United’s away kit has also been subject to a leak and not many fans seem to be pleased with what has been branded a ‘boring’ design.

That’s unless of course you are a fan of the Mancunian band Joy Division. Many linked the artwork from their classic album Unknown Pleasures to the rumoured away kit, and it’s admittedly hard to ignore once you have seen it.

Manchester United’s new away kit for the 2020/21 season has apparently been leaked

The kit comes in an ‘army’ colour with the badge, logo and three shoulder stripes all in white

Comparisons were made with the artwork for 1979 Joy Division album Unknown Pleasures

Newcastle United


After the fat stripes of last season, Newcastle are back to a more familiar template for their home kit, which if you are not a keen observer probably makes their latest design look no different to anything else they have produced since ditching red colours 126 years ago.

This is a good offering from Puma though. with stripes on the front and reverse complimented by lesser spotted black shoulders and sleeves (aside from last season) as well as the popular red number trim. 

Socks are the big winner though, with the fading hoop design halfway round probably one of the best in the top flight.


Newcastle United’s Allan Saint-Maxim has already featured in the new home strip

The 2020-21 home kit made its first appearance on the final day of the 2019-20 campaign


Puma have been supplying kits to Newcastle for a decade now but the latest away kit might be one of the weakest they have produced.

Admittedly, it is not as bad as the ‘cream-cracker’ kit from 2009-10 but even the sharp ‘in your face’ pineapple yellow somehow radiates a form of blandness, topped off with navy blue shoulders.

The interlocking triangles woven into the fabric? Just a Puma template. Still it has a nice button collar.


Newcastle United have unveiled their new away shirt for the 2020-21 campaign

The Puma design features a button collar and a monochrome badge 


Many Newcastle fans right now would dream of going back to the 1990s if it meant having a chance to see a team worthy of challenging for the Premier League title again.

Sadly the only signs of an ‘Entertainers’ sequel come in the form of a third strip which looks like something from the crazy fashion designs of the 1990s. These days the psychedelic stuff tends to feature as ‘training wear’ but this has sneaked into third kit territory.

Granted, it looks random but it is strangely appealing even if the horrible pineapple yellow colour has been carried over as trim… and on that note it is unforgivable to give the badge the exact same treatment as the away kit.


Newcastle United have also unveiled a psychedelic third kit for the 2020-21 season

Trim colours have been carried over from the away kit including the club badge

Sheffield United


No messing about from the Blades with their new home strip. It’s quite standard fair as far as a team who play in red and white stripes go. 

On the flip side, Adidas to their credit do avoid the easy take of switching the stripe order, slapping a Blades badge on it and wait for their share of the punter’s £55 to come in.

It’s a fresh new design, with the stripes stopping just below the shoulders complimented by just enough white and black trim. It’s all you want as a Blades fan really.


David McGoldrick was on hand to help unveil Sheffield United’s new home strip for 2020-21


Genius from adidas, why design an away kit when you just need a washing machine? Rinse the red from the home kit and hey presto you have yourself a pink design.

Or glory pink as it’s known (I’ll leave the jokes to you folks, here) with the trim colours of solid grey.

Credit where it is due, pink strips rarely look bad and that goes for this number too. Our only gripe is the black shorts (solid grey) – which offer little variation from the home colours and thus entirely defeat the point of an away kit.


Sheffield United have unveiled a pink away strip ahead of the 2020-21 season



Whether it is by accident or design, Southampton although traditionally play in red and white stripes are not married to that structure.

It means every now and then when they do get to test the water with a bold new strip release away from the stripes format that strangles a lot of creativity, they can be assured that fans are likely to welcome a fresh new approach.

And how could they not love this? It’s a sash for goodness sake. It’s close to impossible to get wrong, and it’s based around the club’s 135th anniversary – yes, that is a thing now apparently.

Granted, it looks exactly like the 125th anniversary kit with reverse colours and the sash heading in the other direction. They both take their inspiration from the sash strip worn when the club was founded in 1885.

So while the above hints towards ‘we’re out of ideas folks, let’s just copy what we did 10 years ago’, we are looking past that. This is a winner from Under Armour.


Southampton will incorporate a sash design on their home strip for the 2020-21 season


No sash (boo!) but Southampton do continue to celebrate their 135th anniversary with their new away kit.

The colours are a nod to the club’s usage of navy blue shorts and socks used throughout the first half of the 20th century.

As for the small yellow detailing, that’s the acknowledgement to the yellow strip from the club’s finest hour when they defeated Manchester United to win the 1976 FA Cup.


James Ward-Prowse helped unveil the new Southampton away kit to be used in 2020-21


There’s not much to add here really that hasn’t already been said about the home kit. Except that this is even closer to the home strip of 10 years ago only with the sash heading in the opposite direction. It’s almost identical the club’s original 1885 strip.

There are some nice touches here though, with the gold kit supplier and sponsor logos brushing up nicely, which is no mean feat considering the latter’s overall tackiness in design.

One piece of advice though if you are a Saints fan is maybe not to be too proud of wearing the strip if you are planning on going to Buenos Aires. You wouldn’t want Boca Junior supporters mistaking you for a River Plate fan…


Southampton’s third kit for 2020-21 is modelled on the club’s original home strip from 1885

Tottenham Hotspur


Nike’s Tottenham kits have been on the whole a good looking bunch in the last three seasons but it is perhaps arguable that during that time they have progressively gradually declined in appeal and quality.

Whether by design or coincidence they are at least reflecting the team’s output on the pitch as they prepare for a first season outside the Champions League since 2016.

So fans can be perhaps be a little worried with Nike’s latest average offering in  strip which seems to be change for change sake with the puzzling edition of the navy blue trim on the shoulder.

The grey knit patterns don’t look too bad and the yellow trim on the collar is tidy enough, but this is unlikely to be a well remembered kit among supporters unless it wins a trophy… ok, it’s unlikely to be a well remembered kit.


Harry Kane (left) and Dele Alli (right) modelled Tottenham’s new home kit for next season

Home design has the traditional white base with light grey knit patterns woven into the fabric


Green is not on a traditional Spurs palette. In fact it didn’t appear on any kit until 2018 when it became their third choice colours and featured prominently in their crazy run to the Champions League final.

It could become a staple for the future though as it has made a return once more for this season albeit in a darker shade.

Some fans may be put off by the breakaway from traditional colours such as blue and yellow but away kits deserve room to experiment, and this could grow on the fanbase.


In a move away from the norm, Tottenham revealed they’ll wear green on the road next season

Spurs will be wearing a green away kit for just the second time in their history

West Bromwich Albion


Hello, West Brom. Welcome back to the top flight,we have missed you whi… goodness me what on earth is that!

The answer is ‘new stripes’… which is quite odd really because they are not new at all as they are from a throwback retro kit from between 1992 and 1994.

Swap the navy blue for black and you could swipe it under a till scanner for a price (£55 if you are asking). Baggies fans have been buying it in record numbers so they seem happy enough with it. We are still trying to get our heads around it. Very much unexpected item in the bagging area.


West Brom’s new home kit for the 2019-20 season features the tagline ‘new stripes’

The strip is based on a design used by the Baggies between 1992 and 1994 (right)


See the home kit, then add the extreme of yellow and green and you have something close to a psychedelic experience.

New Stripes remains the core but we can let West Brom off for their rather ‘in your face’ away colours as they have been traditionally used by the club over many years.

Again, maybe it’s a kit to file under ‘one for the supporters’. Either way it’s going to look slightly out of place on a chilly January evening next term. 

West Brom’s Jake Livermore helps model the new away strip for the 2019-20 season

West Ham


What’s not to like? It’s a classic West Ham shirt, with all the details that helps supporters remind them of the glory years from the 1960s when they lifted the FA Cup, the European Cup-Winners’ Cup… and the World Cup when you consider the contribution Hammers legends Bobby Moore, Sir Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters put into England’s Wembley success.

It’s not just a throwback for the sake of it though. The strip marks 125 years of the club and it looks very smart, although there is one tiny issue with it.

It’s basically the West Ham kit from four years ago to mark their Upton Park exit – the only difference being the Umbro logo and club badge being given the retro blue trim as opposed to the golden colours previously. 

Supporters are being asked to part with an awful lot of money for what is essentially just two new badges – and if you get the full kit, white socks. But that’s modern day football kits for you.


Umbro created the strip, which will be worn next season, after consultations with supporters

West Ham have unveiled a throwback jersey to mark their 125th anniversary celebrations

The new strip shares many similarities with the kit worn during the 2015-16 campaign (above)


Retro continues to be the inspiration behind the away kit for West Ham’s 125th anniversary and there really is nothing they can do wrong when they bring back an old favourite such as this.

The blue kit with two claret hoops across the front has regularly made an appearance since it was made popular in the 1960s by the greats mentioned in the home kit description.

Being picky, the colouring of the sponsor is a little out but Hammers fans won’t be turning their nose up at this throwback.


West Ham United have unveiled their new away kit for the upcoming 2020-21 campaign

As part of the club’s 125th anniversary, the kit is a throwback to the clubs 1960s golden era

Wolverhampton Wanderers


An impressive seventh place finish in the Premier League has Wolves fans dreaming of perhaps a tilt for Champions League football in the near future.

For now though while there are no footballs to be kicked in pre-season concerns may be with what adidas are up to with their home strip.

Maybe the West Midlands club have become spoilt following two smart designs on their recent returns. This though has the same sleeve monstrosity that Nike have dumped on Spurs. Don’t even get us started on the woven in ‘old school’ chest details either. It’s all just a bit of a mess.


Raul Jimenez helped unveil Wolverhampton Wanderers’ home hit for the 2020-21 season


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