Premier League 'to stop drawing offside lines on VAR decisions'

Premier League ‘to stop drawing offside lines on VAR decisions’ in attempt to clarify the process

  • Premier League proposed further changes to Video Assistant Referee (VAR) 
  • The technology was introduced at start of season but has proved controversial
  • Premier League want to remove the lines shown on TV during offside decisions 

The Premier League are set to remove the lies drawn when the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) checks for offside from next season to help fans understand the process more clearly, according to The Mirror. 

The technology was introduced at the start of the season but has received criticism from players, managers, fans and pundits during its turbulent maiden campaign.

Much of this has revolved around the clarity of the decision making, and while the Premier League initially provided TV broadcasters with lines used by Stockley Park it is felt that they have further muddied the understanding of the rules.

Premier League are considering removing the drawn lines when using VAR for offside calls

Last season, 34 goals were ruled out for offside after the intervention of technology, with many derided over how fine the margins were.

This also led to the notorious ‘armpit offside’ with players penalised for having toes or small parts of their arms over the lines. 

The move to remove the lines will also see the Premier League fall in line with FIFA, which does not show the lines. 

It also means that, instead of greater flexibility as wanted by clubs, it is likely to mean even stricter interpretation of the rules going forward. 

Last season, there were 34 Premier League goals that were ruled out by VAR for an offside

By removing the lines, Premier League will fall in line with guidance issued by FIFA on the issue

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