RB Leipzig respond to Chelsea’s Nagelsmann interest as Lampard replacement

RB Leipzig have responded to Chelsea’s interest in Julian Nagelsmann as a replacement for Frank Lampard.

The Blues boss’ 2-0 defeat to Leicester saw pressure pile on his position and calls for him to be replaced grow louder.

And speculation has since grown of a move for Nagelsmann, who has guided Leipzig to second in the Bundesliga and 2019/20 Champions League semi-finals at 33 years old.

But the German side side made their stance clear on their manager in a Twitter exchange with a Chelsea supporter.

The fan wrote on social media: “Leipzig admin!! Long time no see! How you doing?

“Had a lot of fun trying to get Timo Werner from you last time and that all worked out! You've been doing well!

“Turns out we now need another favour from you it seems… how's your coach Julian doing?”

The official account wasted no time replying, though, as they simply said: “Doing great, thanks!

“And… no chance. Bye.”

The Blues supporter did not give up as they had another dig at the German side over the transfer of struggling forward Werner.

“You said the same for Timo, remember,” they added.

“He says hi by the way, he's very happy you're doing well!

“He's been asking for Julian though, misses him a bit. You want the best for Timo like we do right? So you know it makes sense.”

Nagelsmann started his managerial career at Hoffenheim after a knee injury at Augsburg in 2008 ended his playing career.

Working his way up the ranks and winning the 2013/14 U19 Bundesliga, he was given the top job in south-west Germany.

Starting in 2016, he took the club from 17th in the table to a first Champions League spot in their history three years ago.

But Leipzig came calling in 2019, taking the club all the way to the semi-finals last year where they lost to PSG.

It comes as Chelsea have identified a specific criteria for Lampard’s replacement.

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