Red face after fan’s spectacular pitch invasion fail

IT was a glorious night for Adelaide United fans on Tuesday as the Reds became the first team to win the FFA Cup for the second time.

But one fan will wake up this morning sporting some bruised pride and a likely lighter pocket after joining the field invasion hall of shame with a memorable second-half fail.

Fuelled by the emotion of the moment (or Coopers Stadium’s sponsor’s drop) following Craig Goodwin’s stunning 74th minute matchwinning strike, the topless fan belied his physique with a smooth and efficient dash from the southern to northern end of the pristine pitch.

But, just metres short from the arms of the euphoric Reds Army and with the full attention of the entire 14,448-strong crowd, the mulleted marauder literally stumbled at the final hurdle, misjudging the slipperiness of the surface in his flat shoes as he tried to leap the electronic sponsor board.

Security remove the pitch invader. Picture Sarah ReedSource:News Corp Australia

The hirsute invader spectacularly tumbled, crashing into the signage feet first at full pace, and uniting fans of both teams in fits of hysterics.

Security guards were quick to the scene, made a prompt apprehension and frogmarched him off the field, ensuring an early end to fan’s night and denying his local front bar an eternal legend-in-his-own lunch box tale.

He had no chance getting over that barrier. Although he was pretty quick beforehand, the Mariners might sign him instead of Usain Bolt.

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Coopers Stadium’s conditions of entry state that “any one gaining unauthorised access to the venue’s pitch may be liable for prosecution”.

Last year Adelaide Oval’s Stadium Management Authority announced it was cracking down further on pitch invaders, increasing the minimum venue ban from three months to 12 in addition to any SAPOL issued ban and/or fine and is independent of any other penalties imposed.

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