Rodgers says players should not be 'crucified' for 'honest' mistakes

Brendan Rodgers insists the Premier League season SHOULD carry on for the sake of the nation’s mental health during lockdown but insists players should not be ‘crucified’ for breaking Covid rules with ‘honest’ mistakes

  • Brendan Rodgers says Leicester will stick to tough new coronavirus guidelines 
  • The Premier League wants players to show restraint during goal celebrations 
  • Players were seen embracing, shaking hands and high-fiving in games this week
  • Rodgers wants the season to keep going for the mental health of the nation

Brendan Rodgers insists Leicester will stick to the Premier League’s tough new coronavirus guidelines to try to keep the season going for the mental health of the nation.

League chiefs were holding meetings with clubs on Thursday and Friday to emphasise the importance of showing restraint when goals are scored, after players continued embracing, shaking hands and high-fiving during the midweek fixtures.

Rodgers believes footballers must be cut some slack for ‘honest mistakes’ but in a sign that the message is hitting home, the Foxes boss confirmed his club would do all they could to conform.

Brendan Rodgers believes players must be cut some slack for ‘honest mistakes’ in Covid rules

He said: ‘If it’s the right thing to do, and people more highly-qualified than me are telling us that this really can help cure this pandemic then of course we will all look to do that.

‘We want to help and if it means not being able to celebrate goals it’s something we have to look at and speak about.

‘We will always look to do the right thing to try to get as far away from this pandemic as we possibly can. But there will be honest mistakes and that is something we have to bear in mind. [Celebrating goals] is an instinct and players shouldn’t be crucified because of it.’

Rodgers said after last weekend’s 4-0 win over Stoke in the FA Cup that he supported the continuation of the season, even though rival bosses such as Steve Bruce and Sam Allardyce favour a pause.

Footballers have been instructed to avoid hugging or shaking hands after scoring a goal  

The former Liverpool and Celtic manager is particularly concerned about the impact that a stoppage would bring, with the nation already facing severe lockdown restrictions.

He added: ‘I would like it to carry on, everyone’s health prevailing. It’s as much the football reason but also the levels of anxiety. We watch the news every day and if you look at it too much it would really depress you.

‘I’m very fortunate to be able to work every day but I know there are millions of people around the country that can’t and part of the relief they have is through football. To take that away from them would be really hard.

‘Goal celebrations are being highlighted right now but there is so much great work going on at the clubs to ensure we can continue to play.’

Tottenham star Harry Kane showed the way after scoring against Fulham on Wednesday

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