Spanish FA chief says the country has a 'serious problem' with racism

Spanish FA chief admits the country has a ‘serious problem’ with racism after Vinicius Jnr was targeted again… with the official accusing LaLiga president Javier Tebas of ‘irresponsible behaviour’

  • Vinicius Jnr again faced racist abuse during Real Madrid’s match with Valencia
  • Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales has admitted the country has a ‘serious problem’ 
  • Rubiales has hit out at LaLiga president Javier Tebas for his comments  

Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales has admitted the country has a ‘serious problem’ with racism after Real Madrid forward Vinicius Jnr was targeted during their match against Valencia.

Vinicius Jnr was been subjected to racist chants before and during the game at the Mestalla Stadium, where Real were beaten 1-0 by the hosts.

The chanting marked the latest incident this season where the 22-year-old had been the victim of abuse.

Vinicius Jnr issued a stinging criticism of LaLiga and the Spanish Football Federation following the match over their perceived lack of action to combat racism.

The 22-year-old declared that Spanish football has reached a new low after previously having a league that was the envy of Europe.

Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales has admitted the country faces a ‘serious problem’ with racism

Rubiales comments came after Vinicius Jnr was subjected to racist chants from Valencia fans

Vinicius Jnr has slammed the lack of action from LaLiga and the Spanish FA in tackling racism

Rubiales admitted at a press conference that Spanish football has a ‘serious problem’ with the official pledging to work tirelessly to combat the issue.

‘We have a behavioural problem, of education, of racism,’ Rubiales said.

‘As long as there is a single undesirable or a group of undesirables that insults by sexual condition, skin colour or creed, we have a serious problem.

‘Vinicius Jnr and any footballer, woman or man, who suffers an insult, any violent act, has my support and that of the entire RFEF because we are here to help and ask them to help us improve.

‘The objective that we have set ourselves is that as soon as possible Vinicius and the rest of the footballers, women and men, who have suffered this at some point can publicly say that it is no longer a problem in Spain.

‘Hopefully this day will come as soon as possible and for this we will work tirelessly.’

Vinicius Jnr had claimed that ‘racism is normal in LaLiga’ following the match, declaring that ‘Spain is known as a country of racists’ in his home country Brazil.

‘The competition thinks it’s normal, the Federation does too and the opponents encourage it. I’m so sorry,’ he wrote.

Vinicius Jnr has been subjected to racist chanting on multiple occasions during the season

 Rubiales has vowed to work ‘tirelessly’ to combat discrimination within football in Spain

‘The championship that once belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano and Messi today belongs to racists. A beautiful nation, which welcomed me and which I love, but which agreed to export the image of a racist country to the world.

‘I’m sorry for the Spaniards who don’t agree, but today, in Brazil, Spain is known as a country of racists. And unfortunately, for everything that happens each week, I have no defense. I agree. But I am strong and I will go to the end against racists. Even if far from here.’

Rubiales said he had invited the Brazilian Football Confederation President Ednaldo Rodrígues to the organisation’s headquarters to show the work the organisation is undertaking to combat racism.

The Spanish FA chief also hit out at LaLiga president Javier Tebas, calling for Vinicius Jnr to ‘to ignore the irresponsible behaviour of the president of the league.’

Tebas had written on social media that ‘neither Spain nor LaLiga are racist’, with the official claiming Vinicius Jnr’s criticism of the organisation was ‘very unfair’.

He had earlier responded to Vinicius Jnr’s comments by claiming the winger had failed to turn up to multiple meetings to discuss the issue.

‘Since those who should not explain to you what it is and what it can do @LaLiga in cases of racism, we have tried to explain it to you, but you have not shown up for either of the two agreed dates that you requested yourself,’ he wrote.

‘Before criticising and insulting @LaLiga, it is necessary that you inform yourself properly @Vinijr.

‘Do not let yourself be manipulated and make sure you fully understand each other’s competencies and the work we have been doing together.’

Rubiales has criticised LaLiga president Javier Tebas for ‘irresponsible behaviour’

Tebas has labelled Vinicius Jnr’s criticism as ‘very unfair’ and insists LaLiga is taking action

Vinicius Jnr was clearly incensed by Tebas’ reply and blasted him in a stinging response, insisting the time for words was over as he demanded that action be taken against racist fans.

‘Once again, instead of criticising racists, the president of LaLiga appears on social media to attack me.’

Real Madrid have confirmed they will pursue legal action  following the latest incident, with the club condemning the ‘hate crime’.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez met with the Brazilian on Monday to inform him of the steps being taken in his defence. 

Valencia have confirmed the club will issue life bans to supporters who had racially abused Vinicius Jnr.

‘The club strongly condemn this behaviour, which has no place in football and does not correspond to the values of Valencia CF and our fanbase,’ a Valencia statement read.

Vinicius Jnr has had to put up with racism from rival fans on numerous occasions this season, with arguably the most high-profile incident coming when his team faced arch-rivals Atletico Madrid in September.

Atletico supporters allegedly called him a ‘monkey’ when the sides faced each other at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, but a Spanish prosecutor later concluded that the chants ‘did not constitute a crime’ as they ‘lasted only a few seconds’.

Vinicius Jnr was targeted by further racist chants from Valladolid fans in January, and Mallorca and Osasuna supporters the following month, leading to LaLiga filing complaints to the courts, with Atletico forward Alvaro Morata calling for those responsible to be banned for life from attending matches.

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