The Glazers will win regardless of who takes over Man United

CHRIS WHEELER: Manchester United’s stuttering £6bn sale could have a severe impact on Erik ten Hag’s plans to rebuild his squad this summer… the only winners of this chaotic affair are the Glazers

  • Sheikh Jassim launched a last-minute final offer to buy Man United last week
  • The offer came amid the expectation Sir Jim Ratcliffe would complete a takeover
  • Joel and Avram Glazer will benefit from the undignified end to the sale process 

Before their world collapses in the chaotic denouement to Trading Places, Randolph and Mortimer Duke wear the smug look of two obscenely rich businessmen who are about to get a whole lot richer.

You can picture Joel and Avram Glazer with similar expressions today as the sale of Manchester United heads towards an equally desperate and frantic finale. Only this time, the brothers are guaranteed to get exactly what they want.

No sooner had we expected Sir Jim Ratcliffe to complete his takeover of the club than Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani pops up with a last-minute offer on Tuesday, more than two weeks after the deadline for the third and supposedly final bids had passed.

The Glazers won’t mind, of course, and neither will the Raine Group who have been tasked with flogging one of the world’s biggest football clubs to the highest bidder.

This ceased to be a dignified process some time ago. Since the formal announcement in November that the Glazers were ‘exploring strategic alternatives’, this has descended into an unseemly and rather tedious mess.

Avram and Joel Glazer are about to get much richer regardless of how Man United’s sale ends

The takeover process has descended into a frantic finale after Sheikh Jassim’s last minute offer

The offer came as Sir Jim Ratcliffe had been expected to complete a takeover of Man United

Two men throwing around wads of cash in a vainglorious attempt not to be outdone by the other. And there in the middle of it all are Joel and Avram Glazer, rubbing their hands like Randolph and Mortimer Duke watching orange juice futures contracts being frantically bought up on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

At some stage this horse-trading will stop and we will know finally who has won the Old Trafford power battle.

Until then, Erik ten Hag sits patiently waiting for the transfer window to open and any indication of how much he will have to spend on new signings this summer. Unless the movers and shakers at the heart of this takeover pull their fingers out fast, it could have a severely detrimental effect on Ten Hag’s second season at the club.

For now, though, the future ownership of Manchester United is anyone’s guess.

On the one hand, we have Sheikh Jassim who wants 100 per cent control and has raised his offer to almost £5billion.

The Qatari banker is also said to be pledging an additional £2bn to redevelop Old Trafford and the club’s Carrington training complex. As if the Glazers will care about that when everything points to them squeezing as much money out of this for themselves as possible.

Sheikh Jassim insists that his bid is not tied in with the Qatar Investment Authority, which is the biggest shareholder of his Qatar Islamic Bank, and also owns the Qatar Sports Investments which runs Paris Saint-Germain. Keep up.

On the other hand, standing in the way of Sheikh Jassim is Sir Jim, born in Greater Manchester but now a resident of Monaco.

Man United boss Erik ten Hag’s second season could be impacted should the process drag on 

The Glazers will emerge as winners as they look set to squeeze the most out of the sale process

Ratcliffe’s offer is understood to be closer to £6bn by buying out the other four Glazer siblings – Brian, Edward, Darcie and Kevin – while leaving Joel and Avram with a 20 per cent stake that will allow them to keep their noses in the trough for up to four more years.

It was a smart move to get them onside, but not among the United fanbase who view everything the Glazers touch as toxic.

It will come down to what the Americans want, of course, and that has been rather murky from the start. Speculation has swung between £9bn and no sale at all. What better way, though, to up the bidding than to give the impression that you may no longer be selling?

The Glazers have got Sheikh Jassim and Ratcliffe competing like two dogs jumping for a juicy bone.

Their critics – and goodness knows there are enough of them among United fans – would like nothing more than for them to get their comeuppance like Randolph and Mortimer Duke.

Sadly for them, the Glazers will walk away as winners whichever way this goes.

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