Tom Cairney on the Super 6 Podcast: Jamie Carragher's 'Fulham are gone' quote gave motivation

Tom Cairney is the latest Premier League star to join Laura Woods on the Super 6 Podcast, discussing Fulham’s bid for Premier League survival and Justin Bieber.

Cairney has been out of action since a 1-1 draw with Newcastle on December 19 with a knee injury, but he does seem to be nearing a return as he takes the time to chat to the Super 6 Podcast.

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Cairney’s side faces a team he was at youth level with for just under 10 years in Leeds United on Friday, a game which you can watch live on Sky Sports, kick-off 8pm.

‘Fulham are gone’

Speaking after Fulham’s 3-0 loss at home to Aston Villa, Jamie Carragher had this to say:

“Fulham are going down, I’ve never been more certain about anything in my life. I’m more certain of Fulham going down than Liverpool winning the league, They were a mess the last time they came up. What they don’t want to be is a mess. They’re going to go down.”


It was only three games into the season and Fulham are now only two points from safety with nine games to play. Woods probed the Fulham midfielder regarding whether it affected the Fulham camp and if it gave them any additional motivation at all.

“A little bit, a little bit. I remember after the Aston Villa game at home, I think Jamie Carragher said ‘Fulham are gone’. We did speak about that a little bit, I’m not sure he is going to hear this! We did hear that and obviously it is annoying. As professionals you do not want to hear that about you or the team,” Cairney told the Super 6 Podcast.

Big fan of Bieber

Football players have a variety of taste in music, and some are more surprising than others, but who is Cairney’s guilty pleasure, and does he dare to play it in the changing room?

“It is true. Of course I have been to see him [Justin Bieber] – third row or second row I think. I have seen him a couple of times, I am not a ‘super fan’! I like his music, I think a lot of people like his music.”

Woods said: “I like his new music. When did you start being his fan? Since day one?”, to which Cairney replied: “I’m a ‘Belieber’! I sometimes put it on in the changing room.”

Too many baths!

Cairney signed a youth contract in 2007 with Hull, and he was living away from his family with another one of his teammates. What learnings were made, and what left the Fulham star bemused during his stay?

“I moved into digs at 16, living with a family. My teenage years were bad. I had a little bedroom. My first experience of digs were not very good. She said I had too many baths so she took the plug, she hid the plug!” Cairney laughed.

“I was only having one a night to pass the time, I wasn’t having three a day. I lived with the mum and dad, they had a son, and I had a team-mate who lived with me, so that helped me a little bit. We shared a floor with the son, and it wasn’t very good. I was using the hot water but what else was I going to do? I just needed to pass the time!”

Leeds United

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