Top referee’s rule change ideas could be perfect solution for divers and abuse

A top referee's rule change ideas could be the ideal solution to curb abuse to officials and prevent diving.

The referee's job is a difficult one, and they're often faced with situations where tough calls need to be made in matches. Hardly a game goes by when players don't hound match officials if a decision doesn't go their team's way, or a star doesn't try to win a penalty by diving to gain a competitive edge over their opponents.

But German referee Patrick Ittrich has come up with some new rule proposals that could see players think twice before engaging in coercive and aggressive tactics towards refs in games. Firstly, the Bundesliga official reckons there'll be fewer tactical fouls if the opposition team's free-kick was given closer to the goal.

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The 43-year-old explained to FAZ Sport, via DW Sports: "For a tactical foul in midfield, a free kick should be awarded 17 metres from goal, how often would we see such fouls then?"

And to stamp out diving, Ittrich thinks the culprit should be made to see a doctor and be sent to the sidelines for a brief period of time, he added: "If a player rolls on the floor three times and needs a doctor, get him one and make him wait outside for three minutes, how quickly do you think the player will stand up?”

He also feels that players who get feisty with officials will think twice if they're made to wait on the sidelines for 10 minutes, and then go for a bike ride to cool down, a rule that's deployed in other sports.

Ittrich mused: "If a player insults a referee, send them outside for 10 minutes to cool down," the official says. "Go cycling to warm up before coming back in. We can learn from handball in that respect."

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Ittrich then proceeded to detail an ingenious way to cull the culture of players surrounding refs during matches, he explained: "How is a referee surrounded by 10 men after a decision? In my opinion, boom, boom, boom – three red cards. Play seven against ten now. That’d be fine by me."

Ittrich's pioneering techniques were met with mixed reviews from fans on Twitter, who agreed with his first two ideas but challenged the latter solutions.

One fan said: "He started off so well. Last two are comical tho. Refs need to be held accountable, especially with so much corruption in football and incompetent refs."

And other added: "The first two can be discussed. The last two are bulls***." But a third user was all for Ittrich's changes, they said: "I like this," alongside two love hearts.

The German's revolutionary ideologies come after a referee had to be saved from a baying mob of players by their own manager in a Turkish Super Lig game this week between Antalyaspor and Fenerbahce.

Furious Antalyaspor players attempted to confront ref Kadir Saglam for ruling out their equaliser as offside in their 2-1 loss to Fenerbahce, before the team's boss, ex-Liverpool star Nuhri Sahin came to the rescue.


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