Conor McGregor’s 150ft luxury superyacht has jousting platform and golf green

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Like bitter rival Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor has never been one to shy away from flaunting his extreme wealth.

Throughout his UFC career McGregor has regularly boasted about his enormous affluence. And while he has won just one fight since 2016 his social media remains packed with snaps of fast cars, designer clothes, and superyachts.

Most recently the Irishman took to Twitter to show off his 150ft luxury superyacht which he described as “my first entry into the super yacht game.”

In a series of posts, McGregor shared a handful of pictures and videos of the enormous vessel and bragged about the various amenities featured onboard.

“There’s my other one,” McGregor said, with a 2-minute video of the yacht attached.

“Triple deck. A lovely super yacht. My first entry into the super yacht game.”

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"It’s a sea pool yes,” the Irishman continued.

"Can walk the perimeter. Safe for the kids etc.

"Then the slide off the top floor and a Climbing wall up to the middle floor. Jousting platform to duel on.

"And a floating green to shoot golf balls into from off the back of it. Few nice little toys on it I have."

After suffering a gruesome ankle injury in his bout against Dustin Poirier last month, at least McGregor will be able to recover in style on the 150ft yacht.

However, for now, McGregor remains based at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, and the UFC star recently shared a snap on Instagram of one of his more unconventional recovery methods.

The Irishman posed in the hotel gym and had a large weight suspended from his groin, while also wearing a protective boot around his left leg.

In a video clip shared later, McGregor hobbled on crutches around his gym with the weight dangling between his legs and proceeded to do a handful of pull-ups while Bruno Mars’ song Versace on the Floor blared in the background.

Here’s hoping McGregor’s strange recovery methods work, and he is able to return to the UFC sometime next year!

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