How LeBron changed McGregor’s life

When Conor McGregor will return to the Octagon remains to be seen, but the man known as “The Notorious” has made some big changes of late.

McGregor lived a lavish lifestyle, rocking more bling than Mr. T and constantly showing off private jets and extravagant nights out.

But now the Irishman is done with splurging the cash and instead investing his money on himself in the hopes of returning bigger and better.

“For so long, in my mid to late twenties, when I started to acquire wealth and acquire money, I was fascinated with materialistic things. I would buy myself cars, watches … I switched off on that now,” McGregor said in a recently released interview with Tony Robbins.

“I realised I was spending things on material items and not things on myself, my being, on my fitness, on my health. I’ve switched that completely.”

McGregor has been flooding his Instagram page with photos and videos of him working hard in the gym getting his body back into fighting shape.


With full commitment my program is unmatched. @mcgregorfast

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The change in McGregor’s mindset and new lifestyle has been inspired by none other than one of the NBA’s greatest ever players in LeBron James.

Despite a career spanning 17 seasons, James has remained as one of the best players thanks to his focus of keeping his body in pristine condition.

“My nutritionist travels with me full-time, my doctors, my training partners, my coaches. I have a full team and it’s all for health, fitness and peak performance,” McGregor said.

“We’ve got to be in shape, physically, to be in shape, mentally. I’m putting more time in that.

“I actually realised that first when I read that LeBron James, he spends $1.5 million a year on himself. Physical therapists, masseuse, nutritionists, trainers, all of that. When I (saw) that, I said ‘I spend zero. I spend zero!’”


Core stability on ball to finish up the workout! Everything starts and ends with the core. No core no nothing! ?#striveforgreatness? #savagmode?

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McGregor ruled over the UFC when he became the first fighter in UFC history to hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously.

But he said his methods in the past were never really locked in and he would lose focus on motivation and commitment.

“When a camp forms for a fight, I’ll gather a team of people, we go into the Vegas desert and lock ourselves away for ten weeks and do insanity work. If I’m training back at home during camp. I have fighters locked in a hotel room, waiting, on-call to come and fight me. It’s an insane game, but not all-in. It’s half way in, it’s not all-in.

“You certainly cannot be that way in the fight-game but in reality, you can’t be that way in any game you’re in. If you’re in a game, make sure you’re in it all the way, all-in with it, and then that game will be your game. That’s were I am right now.


Made man not made for defeat.

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“I’ve only taken this philosophy recently. Like I said, I’ve had dips, lapses in motivation, dips in commitment. But I’m figuring it all out and I’m feeling good, and I’m in a good place.”

With his newly found mindset thanks to The King, LeBron James. McGregor could be back in the Octagon soon and reclaim his title as the ruler of the UFC.

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