Did Undertaker and Goldberg really have furious bust-up after WWE Super ShowDown flop?

It has been claimed that after their botched encounter in Jeddah Undertaker angrily confronted Goldberg about the poor quality of their bout that almost saw both legends getting seriously hurt.

However, according to Cultaholic, Mike Johnson of PWInsider claims the rumours are false as various WWE officials have denied them and even said that Goldberg was in no shape to fight or argue with anyone due to his weak condition.

Johnson said: “I have not heard one person with any legitimacy claim this as being true.

“In fact, when I asked about that rumor, it was quickly shot down by those who were actually in Saudi Arabia, so I tend to think that story is 100% fiction.

I have not heard one person with any legitimacy claim this as being true

Mike Johnson

“Goldberg was not in any position to be fighting with anyone after their match.

“My belief is that he was checked out by WWE’s medical staff and if there was interaction after, it was likely Undertaker checking on his well being.”

The match started strong with Goldberg delivering two powerful Spears to Undertaker but everything went downhill after that.

The WWE Hall of Famer got his head busted open when he collided with the ring post and then botched his Jackhammer finisher as he dropped Undertaker to the back of his neck.

The Phenom then hit a failed Tombstone Piledriver as Goldberg’s head landed hard on the canvas but still kicked out before the three count.

The WCW legend then tried a Tombstone of his own but failed to hold on to his opponent and they both fell to the mat.

Undertaker won the match with a weak Chokeslam that barely elevated the three-time world champion off his feet.

After the bell The Deadman was visibly upset whereas Goldberg collapsed at ringside while he was being attended to by medical staff.

The fans were very frustrated with the way the match went and many of them took to Twitter to demand from both legends to retire.

Undertaker has yet to officially call time on his career despite his advanced age of 54 whereas the 52-year-old Goldberg seemed to have put an end last year when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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