Goldberg’s special demand to wrestle The Undertaker at WWE Super ShowDown REVEALED

WWE wanted to book a dream match between the WWE Hall of Famer and The Undertaker for the first time ever ahead of the show that took place at the King Abdullah International Stadium in Jeddah.

According to Fightful, Goldberg agreed to do the show as long as his wife and son were allowed to accompany him to the Middle Eastern country.

The WCW legend’s fight, though, didn’t go well as it was full of errors and almost saw both wrestling legends suffering very serious injuries.

Goldberg busted his head open when he collided with the ring post and then botched his Jackhammer finisher that saw Undertaker landing on the back of his neck.

Knocked myself out and thought I could finish…. love my fans…..but let u down


Taker’s Tombstone Piledriver finisher also went wrong as his opponent’s head crashed hard on the mat.

Goldberg then tried a Tombstone of his own but failed to hold on to The Deadman and they both went crashing down to the canvas.

The match thankfully came to an end when Undertaker delivered a weak Chokeslam that barely elevated the three-time world champion up in the air.

The Phenom was evidently frustrated with the quality of the bout whereas the ex-WCW Champion collapsed at ringside due to a concussion.

Goldberg took to Twitter shortly after the fight and apologised to the fans for disappointing them.

The 52-year-old legend tweeted: “Knocked myself out and thought I could finish…. love my fans…..but let u down.

“Everyone else that found “pleasure” ….. hope ur happy.”

Goldberg’s family weren’t spotted in the stadium but reports suggest they did indeed fly with him to Saudi Arabia.

The former World Heavyweight Champion’s future as a wrestler is not currently certain.

It seemed like the ex-Universal Champion had retired from in-ring competition after being inducted into the Hall of Fame last year following an impressive second stint with the company.

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