Is CM Punk back in WWE? Profile added to official website, Backstage crew reaction video arrives

The million-dollar question right now from many wrestling fans is whether or not CM Punk is back in WWE.

While Punk previously left the company to pursue a mixed martial arts career, he’s returned to work with them in some capacity and appears on amicable terms.

Recent developments may also show that Punk is more than welcome to return to the ring.

CM Punk debuts on Backstage, the crew reacts

As with other superstars who may have been “future endeavored” or left the company, WWE tends to either move individuals to an alumni area or take their profiles down.

That happened to Hulk Hogan in the wake of his controversy several years ago. It also happened when CM Punk left the company on unhappy terms and appeared uninterested in any sort of return.

However, Punk surprisingly appeared on the recent WWE Backstage show. That made plenty of fans giddy over a potential return to the ring. So far, there has been no indication that is in the works.

By the way, some of the Backstage crew themselves may have also been surprised when Punk showed up. In an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, fellow Backstage crew members Paige, Samoa Joe, Renee Young, and others weigh in on Punk’s surprise debut on the show.

It’s clear the fellow WWE superstars and personalities on Backstage are happy to have Punk around. Paige mentions he’ll bring his honesty to the show, “which is why everybody loved him in the first place.”

For those wondering, Punk’s role is to appear “periodically” on the WWE Backstage show as a special contributor and analyst, per NY Post’s report. It’s also worth noting that Fox is paying Punk for this rather than WWE.

They decided upon him for the role after screen testing him and realizing they could use some “controversy” on the Backstage show to improve ratings. Punk’s infamous pipe bomb promo in WWE in 2011 was certainly that.

CM Punk profile added to WWE website

Following his surprising return to work with WWE on the Backstage show, it has led to the company adding a profile for Punk back to their website. Just like Hulk Hogan, as well as CM Punk’s wife, former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, Punk has a profile in WWE’s Alumni section.

Right now, the profile showing up on WWE’s site doesn’t mean he’ll return to the ring officially. However, it could be one step closer to something plenty of fans want to say. A return for CM Punk could mean some exciting new rivalries and feuds with newer superstars in WWE that many fans would love to see.

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