WWE news: Why Undertaker vs Goldberg flopped at Super ShowDown – Ric Flair

Undertaker and the WCW legend had a dream match in Saudi Arabia that failed to live up to the hype as it was full of errors and almost saw both wrestling heroes getting seriously hurt.

Many fans blamed the legends’ advanced age, as Taker is 54 and Goldberg is 52 years old, but Flair is adamant that was not the issue and instead placed the blame on their ring rust.

Undertaker hadn’t wrestle for seven months whereas Goldberg’s most recent match took place at WrestleMania 33 in 2017.

The Nature Boy insists that it is very difficult to come back to the ring and put together a five-star classic after months or years away from action.

It’s tough, it’s not factored around age

Ric Flair

The 16-time world champion also claims that inactivity takes a lot more out of you in professional wrestling than it does in other sports like basketball, which was rocked by Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant’s shock injury.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer liked the way the match started with Goldberg spearing Undertaker as it brought back memories of the former’s unforgettable clash with Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2016.

However, the 70-year-old great admitted he wasn’t impressed with the last minute-and-a-half that saw The Deadman picking up the victory with a weak Chokeslam that barely elevated his opponent.

Flair told Busted Open Radio: “They opened up hot, I loved it.

“I loved the match, up until the last minute and a half.

“Whatever you want to say about anybody in this business, he [Undertaker] is going to be on Mount Rushmore if there is one.

“You can say no wrong about The Undertaker, he is a talent of a lifetime.

“And Bill Goldberg had arguably the greatest run of anybody for years and never had anybody spend more than a half-hour with him learning the fundamentals of the business and he pulled it off.

“It’s tough, it’s not factored around age.

“It’s so hard to come in and work two or three times a year, it’s hard…

“They are making a big deal about Kevin Durant coming in?

“Try taking six months off of wrestling and getting into the ring.

“Climbing on a StairMaster or an elliptical is not the answer to getting in the ring and going full speed.”

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