Jarrell Miller admits 'stalking' Daniel Dubois ahead of their showdown

Jarrell Miller reveals retreating to a farm helped him recover from ‘taking beatings’ over his failed drugs test… as the American tells The Hook he has watched Daniel Dubois ‘every day’ ahead of their Saudi Arabia clash

Jarrell Miller has insisted he is ‘wiser’ after returning to boxing following a doping ban, as the American admitted to stalking Daniel Dubois ahead of their heavyweight clash in Saudi Arabia.

The American has been looking to rebuild his career after being handed a two-year ban in December 2020, following a four positive drugs tests in a 12-month period.

‘Big Baby’ had been set for a heavyweight title fight against Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden in 2019 before failing multiple tests.

The 35-year-old has won his first three fights since returning to the sport last year and will face Dubois on the the Day of Reckoning card on Saturday.

Speaking to Mail Sport’s The Hook podcast, Miller claimed his suspension allowed him to reassess what he wanted to achieve in life and believes he is now ‘wiser’.

Jarrell Miller has claimed he is wiser after returning to boxing following a two-year drugs ban

The American spoke to Mail Sport’s Charlotte Daly on the latest edition of The Hook podcast

Miller had been due to face Anthony Joshua, left, in 2019 before failing multiple drugs tests

‘I was on a farm for a little while in Florida, just stayed away from people and kind of refigured out what I want to do in life,’ Miller said.

‘You know trying to get my family back in order, I went through divorce and stuff like that. A lot of people in my corner I thought had my back, didn’t.

‘Financially, of course, it was definitely tough, but I’m a pretty smart dude. I kind of figured out how to manoeuvre it, and I can sell a bottle of water to another bottle of water, I’m just gangster like that.

‘I just kind of take a step back and look at it from a bigger picture.

‘I’m blessed in a way because I’m still healthy, I’m still young, smart, a little wiser now. I know exactly where I need to go. I know exactly how to get there.

‘I already went through the tough routes. I took my licking, I took my beatings already. Now [I need to] be smart about it and keep moving forward.’

Miller revealed he has been intently studying his upcoming opponent Dubois, who is looking to bounce back from his controversial defeat to heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk earlier this year.

Dubois had knocked the Ukrainian to the floor in the fifth with a controversial blow to the body.

Miller has had heated confrontations with Joshua and Daniel Dubois in Saudi Arabia

His strike was ruled as being ‘below the belt’, with Usyk given time to recover before eventually winning the fight in Poland.

Miller claimed the decision ‘broke Dubois’ confidence’, insisting boxer’s ‘can’t quit’ because a decision does not go their way. 

The American labelled himself a ‘stalker’ as he sought to find all information possible about Dubois to help him prepare for the fight.

‘I’ve watched Daniel Dubois’ Instagram every day, I’m a stalker, it’s weird,’ Miller said. 

‘I didn’t believe it at first, because I’m like, “nah, I’m not like that.” 

‘But even before the AJ fight, I’d be stalking dudes page like, yeah, what did he eat for breakfast? Did he do cardio at night time? Oh, that’s his girlfriend? I’ll follow his girlfriend, she’s cooking with corn oil, “oh yeah, he gonna be out of s***”

‘Like I’m like that paranoid, I’m paranoid to where I’m stalking guys. You know what I’m trying to say? 

‘I did my homework on him [Dubois], he’s trained at Don Charles, I know all his sparring partners.

Miller said he has ‘stalked’ Dubois ahead of their heavyweight bout in Saudi Arabia on Saturday

‘There’s no one that can mimic me. That is the worst mistake you can do, trying to find a 335 pound guy that can mimic a guy that throw any punches around. 

‘There’s no person on the planet that does what I do. He brought in some guys, one was big, like really out of shape, he doesn’t really have no heart. I don’t think he can ever, you know, mimic my style, but you know.

‘I feel like they had a big body in front of him and that’s the best they can do.’

Miller has already caused controversy in Saudi Arabia after calling Joshua a ‘p***y’ in ugly confrontation on Monday.

Big Baby was also involved in a heated exchange with Dubois in the hotel lobby. 

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