Miller insists 'nobody gives a s*** about Joshua in the United States

Jarrell Miller insists ‘nobody gives a s*** about Anthony Joshua in the United States… as he questions why the ‘bitter’ British heavyweight should be mad at him for his loss to Andy Ruiz Jr in 2019

  • Andy Ruiz Jr stepped in for Jarrell Miller against Anthony Joshua in June 2019
  • Miller believes Joshua is still bitter after Joshua lost his first match against Ruiz
  • Jarrell Miller has beef with Eddie Hearn as well as AJ… why we could be set for one of the feistiest bouts we’ve seen in years – The Hook

Jarrell Miller has insisted that ‘nobody gives a s***’ about Anthony Joshua in the United States, following an ugly confrontation in Saudi Arabia on Monday.

Joshua was called a ‘p****’ by Miller when the British heavyweight was being interviewed ahead of Saturday’s fight with Otto Wallin in Riyadh.

Miller – who faces Daniel Dubois this weekend – was due to be AJ’s first opponent in the United States before he failed three drug tests.  

He was replaced by Andy Ruiz Jr who stunned the world by stopping Joshua in brutal fashion in the bout on June 1, 2019 – taking Joshua’s heavyweight titles.  

Interviewed on Mail Sport podcast The Hook, Miller has said that Joshua is still ‘bitter’ and that nobody ‘gives a s***’ about Joshua in America.

Jarrell Miller has taken another shot at Anthony Joshua insisting that nobody ‘gives a s***’ about him in the United States 

Miller was supposed to fight Joshua in June 2019 but was replaced by Andy Ruiz Jr

Ruiz Jr ultimately ended the British star’s unbeaten record with a shock stoppage win

When asked if Joshua is still bitter at Miller, the American said: ‘Most definitely he’s still bitter about that but it’s so funny that you lose to somebody that doesn’t hit as hard as me, not as big as I am, not as mean as I am – short notice and he smoked you.

‘I have a better chin than Andy I believe. If that guy did that to you, imagine what I would do to you in my home city (New York). 

‘Mentally, it makes you look at AJ – even from that day on – he’s never came back to America. He hasn’t attempted to come back to America.

‘So that just shows me, you have no confidence, your team has no confidence, the American market is not really your thing and nobody gives a s*** about AJ in America.

‘Even if English fans were kind of fed up with him, I’m getting DM’s all the time saying “Kick his a** I’m from England” I have it all the time and I’m like, “s***”.

Miller went on to add that Joshua shouldn’t be mad at him for ‘getting his a** whooped’ by another man, and has said that he would open to fight the Brit down the line.

He said: ‘Soon as he wants to get in that ring I’ll get him. I don’t see how you getting your a** whooped by another man why you should be mad at me you should have shown up regardless of what man was in front of you.

‘But I feel that Eddie (Hearn) was more mad than anything, I had a contract with Eddie too so if I would have won he would have still had more money in the pocket with me so I understand why he’s mad.

Miller said Joshua shouldn’t be mad at him for ‘getting his a** whooped’ by another man

‘He had both of us locked so no matter who wins or loses he was tied in. He had nothing with Andy. So Andy whooped his a** and took his belts.’

Miller, interrupting Joshua’s interview on Monday, said that he ‘smells p****’ in a dig at the British star.  

Joshua in response told the Sun: ‘I have to just let him know he is not even in my sights. He is beneath me.

‘In reality, I was thinking, “Why do I even address that clown? He is beneath me”.

‘I have bigger and better things to focus on. He is a clown.’

However, the pair exchanged words shortly afterwards with Joshua hitting back at claims he had a ‘ducked’ a fight.

However, the British boxer is embarking on his biggest test yet up against Wallin, whose only professional loss came via points against Tyson Fury in 2019. 

Miller said: ‘I smelled p**** from day one.’

But AJ dismissed the American’s claims that he’s been ducking him, saying: ‘You don’t know me, bro. Look at my record. Who have I ducked?’

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