Ian Garry's wife hits back at criticism for writing 'How to be a WAG'

Ian Garry’s wife hits back at criticism for writing ‘How to be a WAG’ book before marrying the UFC star – and debunks rumours that her ex-husband still lives with the married couple

  • Ian Garry’s wife, Layla Anna-Lee, received criticism for a book written in 2010 
  • She has since responded to the backlash and debunked other online rumours 
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Ian Garry’s wife has responded to online backlash that she received for writing a book on how to date athletes over a decade ago. 

The UFC star and his partner, Layla Anna-Lee, have been the centre of debate in the MMA world in the past week, after online users brought up ‘How to Be a WAG’.

Many suggested that Anna-Lee’s ‘book’ was essentially a guide for gold diggers and also pointed out the fact that the 40-year-old is 14 years Garry’s senior. 

However, Anna-Lee, who works as a TV sports presenter, took to Instagram to respond to the backlash in a fiery statement last week. 

Taking to her Instagram story, she said: ‘I wrote a book called ‘How to be a WAG’. Now, that statement itself is a little bit of a stretch. I can hardly call myself an author of an 11-page audible-only satire story that was written in 2010.

Layla Anna-Lee took to Instagram to respond to backlash over a book written in 2010

Anna-Lee, 40, has been married to UFC star Ian Garry since February last year

Anna-Lee drew criticism after her book titled ‘How to be a WAG’ re-surfaced on social media

‘That context is key because that was during the FIFA World Cup when I was working at OK and various different gossip mags. We were creating this hilarious satire and look at wives and girlfriends in football.

‘That satirical book, if you listen to it, is really silly and anybody who takes it as fact has completely missed the mark.

‘At the time, it was a huge success. It went out, it was funny, and people got the joke.’

On Amazon, the description for the book reads: ‘How to be a WAG – the ultimate guide to catching the man of your dreams!

‘The hot new career option is to be a WAG, and we’re here to tell you how to become part of the most prestigious Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs) club. 

‘Ever dreamed of walking in the footsteps of the likes of Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole, or Coleen Rooney? This guide has everything you need to know!’

In the Instagram post, Anna-Lee also, sarcastically, said: ‘Looking at the hate and the majority of the clips and the comments that I’m getting, without a doubt, the biggest thing I’ve done wrong is age.

‘I’ve got older, and I have birthdays every year, and that’s f****** disgusting coming from a woman, especially. Getting older is not acceptable. I f***** up there.’

Rumours were also circulating online that suggested that Anna-Lee’s ex-husband Richard Cullen, who also works as Garry’s nutritionist, still lived with the couple. 

However, Anna-Lee also addressed that rumour and quickly debunked it.  

‘Some bulls*** things that people have been saying [is] that my ex-husband lives with us. No he doesn’t! And no he never has. You’re just making that up’. 

Garry and Anna-Lee regularly share pictures of their travels onto social media

Anna-Lee and Cullen got married in 2014 but splitting up shortly afterwards. She then married Garry in February 2022 before having a child in October.

The ongoing debates and rumours led to UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland urging Garry to leave Anna-Lee, before sharing pictures of a heated conversation with the Irishman. 

After Strickland took to Instagram with the video, Garry sent him a direct message urging him to ‘take it down’ and suggested he was ‘spreading hate’.

Strickland fired back at Garry, telling him to ‘sue me’, before later sharing the heated encounter on his Instagram story.  

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