Volkanovski rallies Leon Edwards to get into 'piece of s**t' Covington

Alexander Volkanovski rallies Leon Edwards to get into ‘piece of s**t’ Colby Covington backstage in Las Vegas after MMA fighter joked about Edward’s late father at UFC 296 face off

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UFC Welterweight champion Leon Edwards was offered some words of encouragement by Alexander Volkanovski ahead of his clash with Colby Covington.

At the UFC 296 face off, things got heated when Covington made a joke about Edward’s murdered father. 

With fans turning against Covington for his grim jibe towards Edwards’ late father, the English fighter, known as ‘Rocky’ is garnering support from fans ahead of the clash on Saturday.

Support includes the likes of Alexander Volkanovski – the Australian MMA fighter, who currently competes in the Featherweight category of UFC. 

The Australian UFC Featherweight champion can be heard telling Edwards: ‘Fix that f***ing piece of sh*t up. Get into him.

Leon Edwards (left) had to be held back from Colby Covington in the final face-off

Edwards issued a chilling warning ahead of Saturday night’s main event 

Covington was booed when he came out in a clear reaction to his words on Thursday

Volkanovski’s support comes after Colby Covington’s vile remark about Leon Edwards’ murdered late father which caused chaos at the UFC 296 press conference.

Brit Edwards sat alongside his American rival Covington in Las Vegas to speak ahead of the fight, but things turned personal midway through the open event inside MGM Arena.

‘I’m bringing you to the seventh layer of hell,’ Trump-supporting Covington told Edwards, before adding: ‘We’ll say “what’s up” to your dad while we’re there.’

The personal jibe has driven fans away from Covington in support of Edwards for Saturday’s fight.

Controversial UFC figure Sean Strickland was quick to criticise Covington for making a personal dig about Edwards’ late father. 

At the age of 13, Edwards lost his father, who was shot and killed in a nightclub during what was understood to be a dispute over money.

Edwards is the current welterweight champion and has not been beaten for eight years

Tempers frayed between the pair when Covington made a joke about Leon Edwards’ dad

Edwards, pictured here (L-R) with his sister, mother and grandmother – credits his mum as the most important influence on his life and she took care of the family as a single mum

After getting involved in a life of crime and gang activity, Edwards’ life took a positive turn at 17 when his mother discovered an MMA gym. This marked a pivotal moment for the now Welterweight champion.

Recognising his natural talent, the coaches at the gym propelled Edwards toward success, earning him accolades and, more importantly, the support and admiration of his mother.

In 15 bouts, Edwards has only suffered two losses, one being his debut and the other against Kamaru Usman in 2015.

Edwards’ journey to the top has not only transformed his own life but has also had a profound impact on his family. He has been able to fulfil meaningful gestures such as flying his 80-year-old grandmother to the UK for the first time.

Edwards is also contributing to the establishment of a Jamaican restaurant for his mother, and he now serves as an inspiration to a new generation of youth in Birmingham and across the UK.

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