Tom Brady admits to still being baffled by Victor Wembanyama's height

Tom Brady admits to still being baffled by Victor Wembanyama’s staggering 7-ft-4 frame after their link-up in NYC earlier this month: ‘I met him face to shoulder’

  • The 45-year-old, seven-time Super Bowl’ champ met Wemby with his son, Jack
  • The Knicks ended up beating Wemby and the Spurs at MSG on Nov. 8, 126-105 
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Tom Brady has provided basketball and football fans with more insight into his meet up with Victor Wembanyama in New York City earlier this month, admitting to still being in shock by the NBA rookie’s staggering height. 

The 45-year-old, seven-time Super Bowl champion, his 16-year-old son, Jack, and Wembanyama, 19, crossed paths at Madison Square Garden on November 8, when the San Antonio Spurs were hosted by the New York Knicks.

Brady, whose height is listed at 6-ft-4, was the latest athlete to look minuscule while posing for a snap with the 7-ft-4 ‘Wemby’, before the first overall pick of this year’s NBA draft was limited to just 14 points – eight after the game’s first three quarters – in his debut at ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena.’

Considered as football’s most successful player of all-time, Brady was asked about his impact on young athletes on the latest episode of his Lets Go! podcast, in which he also discussed Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud’s rise to stardom this year.

‘Tell us about just being with him, and that size, and what it was like for you? We know what it was like for him’ asked sports journalist Jim Gray – the host of Brady’s podcast – referring to Wembanyama. 

Tom Brady admitted to still being in shock by Victor Wembanyama’s height after their meet up

Wembanyama’s height is listed at a staggering 7-ft-4, while Brady stands tall, too, at 6-ft-4

‘I’ve never looked at someone at their shoulder,’ said Brady, who previously praised Wemby’s vibe. ‘People say you meet him face to face but I met him face to shoulder.

‘He was so tall and he stood up, and he keeps rising, and he’s just a really nice young man, very mature. It’s different but he’s got a maturity that’s similar to what you just experienced with C.J., you know. 

‘He’s going to have his ups and downs because there’s a lot of growing pains when you go on pro sports and all these players are so good. He’s going up against Kevin Durant, LeBron James. These are the guys that he looked up to [and] he’s 19-years-old! LeBron’s been in the league for longer than he’s been alive and he’s got to go up and play against him…’

Brady praised Wemby’s maturity but warned the Frenchman of the growing pain of pro sports

Brady was also impressed by Wemby’s approach to each NBA game with the Spurs this year

Brady then praised Wembanyama’s preparation to each NBA game, sharing what he’s told them when the pair met.

‘But, I just loved his approach. He gets to bed early. He’s surrounded by his friends. He doesn’t get into too much, and he’s really willing to be coached. It was really fun to meet him and hear a little bit about his life,’ said the former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal-caller.

‘It was a fun experience and my son, Jack, who’s loving basketball, and I loved seeing him out there playing,’ he added about Wembanyama. 

‘He’s got a lot dreams and basketball so I want to try and introduce him to as many basketball players as possible.’

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