John Terry: I'm charging fans extra at events because it's for charity

John Terry defends charging fans £500 to eat with him and £100 for an autograph, saying that ALL the money will go to charity

  • John Terry has explained that his high-cost event tickets are for charity
  • On top of £25, he has been charging £100 for autographs on his one-man tour
  • He says that every penny will go to his foundation to support various causes

John Terry has defended his move to charge fans up to £500 to dine with him and £100 for autographs, saying that all the money raised will go to charity and that it is ‘very important’ to him. 

The Chelsea legend received criticism for asking supporters to pay extra fees on top of £25 for tickets to events on his one-man tour. 

Appearing in Basingstoke, Birmingham, Bournemouth, and London on his English escapade, Terry has said every penny raised will go to the John Terry 26 Foundation, which helps different charities. 

As part of the £5,000 ‘sponsorship package’, individuals can make a £500 contribution to have a seat at the table, where 10 people will break bread with the 42-year-old. 

He explained that he did not shout about the money going to charity because he did not want to publicise that.  

John Terry has explained that he is charging fans lots of money at events to raise charity funds

The Chelsea legend, who appeared at a Celebrtiy Pro-Am at Wentworth Golf Club today, has been charging £100 for autographs and £500 for a seat at a table with him 

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‘Hi guys, just wanted to touch on the stories the press are writing about me charging fans £100 for signatures and photos and drinks or whatever that may be,’ he said in a video on Instagram. 

‘The big thing – and this is very important – the big thing that they forgot to mention is that all proceeds from these events that I’ve been doing – and the only reason that I signed up – is to raise money for my foundation, for the John Terry 26 Foundation.

‘I set my foundation up about seven or eight months ago because I wanted to do something personal and on my own where I’m going to be eventually hosting a gala dinner, golf events throughout the year, any opportunities to raise money for my foundation.’

Terry cropped up at a Celebrity Pro-Am at Wentworth Golf Club today alongside Gareth Bale and Jermaine Jenas on Wednesday. 

He scored in Chelsea Legends’ 4-0 win over Bayern Munich legends last week, a match which was played in memory of Gianluca Vialli.  

‘I’ve been working very closely with various different charities over the last 22 years being Chelsea captain and seeing a lot of terminal and ill and sick children along the way, which is something that’s always been something very close to my heart and always will be.

‘So rather than doing it for one specific charity, I’ve been focusing on my own foundation in the last six or seven months.

‘And this tour that I’m doing, this Q&A that I’m doing, is part of that.’

‘Giving up my time, giving up my day, for all these charities is something that’s very important to me and I’ll never stop that’

‘But like I said, the key thing that the press have forgotten to write is that all proceeds from this event [will go to charity]. And I didn’t want this publicised, and I agreed this with the guys, because I don’t think it’s right for me to publicise that.

‘But now they’ve raised the issue I will address it. So every penny from these events goes towards my John Terry 26 Foundation.

‘I apologise for coming out a day or two days late, but I’ll touch on why I didn’t touch on this yesterday: because, again, I was at another charity day working for BGC in London with obviously the very sad news of the World Trade Centres and something that I’ve done for the last five or six years and I’ll continue to do.

‘But again, giving up my time, giving up my day, for all these charities is something that’s very important to me and I’ll never stop that. Really frustrating for me actually and I’m just fed up with the press writing s**t over and over again.’


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