Real reason Ryan Reynolds is in awe of Paul Mullin – and it’s not his goals

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  • Wrexham striker Paul Mullin has not only endeared himself to fans of the club but also its two co-owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

    Upon joining the club in the 2021/22 season, the Liverpool native made an instant impact at the Racecourse Ground with 32 goals in 44 games.

    He followed it up in spectacular fashion with 47 goals last season including 38 in the National League as he led Wrexham to promotion to the Football League for the first time in 15 years.

    Despite the sheer number of goals he scored for the club and the incredible highlights he's provided during his time in Wrexham, it was something many would find unspectacular about Mullin that Reynolds was immediately drawn to.

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    In the book Tinseltown: Hollywood and the Beautiful Game – a Match Made in Wrexham, written by Ian Herbert, he explains that Mullin's manner of walking and seemingly instantly transforming into a goalscoring machine as he stepped onto the field left the Hollywood star in awe of him.

    "He wasn't a shouter in the dressing room and was generally one of the last out on the pitch," Herbert wrote.

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    "Reynolds was most struck by his peculiar gait. This and his sloped shoulders meant he didn't exactly run like a finely honed athlete.

    "But stepping on to the grass seemed to transform Mullin into a different character and, even as the new owners grappled with some of the most basic concepts of football, it was clear that he was a cut above, a class apart and destined to be a significant part of this story they were telling.

    George Dewey, the co-founder of Reynolds' production company, Maximum Effort, thought it was the 28-year-old's innate toughness that his business partner admired most.

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    Dewey said he believes Reynolds can sense the person inside Mullin that can get the job done and has a will to win that's rare to find in people.

    Hes said: "And though Ryan is funny, he has that toughness. It's hidden, but it's there. I think when Ryan looks at Paul he admires the way that guy just finds a way to score in the most improbable situations when no other people will.

    "We always talk about it when we're hiring people – there are just some people who find out a way to win. You can't even control that.

    "They're going to win whether they work for you or not. And Paul feels like that type of person – yet it is so improbable because I know he is not even probably a top 500 best player in the world."

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