Tottenham boss Postecoglou vows to give Richarlison support he needs

Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou promises to give Richarlison all the help he needs after striker revealed he will seek ‘psychological help’ on his return to Spurs

  • Ange Postecoglou says Tottenham will give Richarlison the support he needs 
  • Richarlison will seek help with his mental wellbeing after off the field issues 
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 Ange Postecoglou says some footballers fall into the trap of thinking they are immune to the problems of everyday life as he promised to help Richarlison through his psychological problems.

The Tottenham and Brazil forward broke down in tears after coming off in a 5-1 win against Bolivia last week and later said his reaction had been nothing to do with his performance but the stress caused by months of off-field turbulence.

‘What I will say is that no one has a perfect life,’ said Spurs boss Postecoglou.

‘Sometimes we look at footballers and they do things well and we think they have all the money they need and that’s a perfect life. But that doesn’t make you immune from life itself, so I’m sure that every player in our dressing room is dealing with something.

‘I think sometimes players fall into the trap of thinking their lives should be perfect because of the position they’re in but that’s not how life works. Things you do don’t make you immune from what life throws at you.

Ange Postecoglou says Tottenham will give Richarilson all the support that he needs

The forward was seen in tears after being substituted during Brazil’s 5-1 victory over Bolivia

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‘There’s always going to be something in your life that is not where you need it to be. It’s about keeping perspective, keeping a balance.

‘There are probably parents and people this morning who have had a rough few days but they still have to front up for work and not lose their job because that’s part of life. That’s kind of the advice I give to all the players.’

Richarlison’s problems are understood to have been going on for 18 months, and surround business relationships and broken trust with some of his close circle of friends and family.

The 26-year-old said he would seek psychological help upon his return to Tottenham and Postecoglou said he would receive all the help he required.

‘With all the players they all get whatever help and assistance they require here,’ the Spurs boss added. ‘It doesn’t always happen in the public eye because most of it is done in-house. But we provide all the support and whatever the players need.

‘Sometimes they seek it, sometimes we offer help. So whatever Richy needs, we’ll help him get to the space he wants to.

‘From our perspective, he’s put it out there because he was quite emotional after the game. And we’ll give him the support he needs. But we do that with all players and I think most professional clubs do.

‘My role within that is to make sure that whatever each player needs… sometimes it’s basic things like help with nutrition or relocating. Whatever it may be that the services are here and the help is here to get the players into the place they want to.’

Richarlison’s problems are understood to have been going on for 18 months, and surround business relationships and broken trust


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