‘I’m allowed to cheat on my wife as I’m a UFC champ who pays for everything’

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    UFC bantamweight champion Sean O'Malley has angered fans after suggesting that paying for everything allows him to cheat on his wife.

    The MMA star reached the pinnacle of his sport this past Sunday (August 20) after dethroning Aljamain Sterling in brutal fashion during the main event of UFC 292.

    The 28-year-old claimed gold for the first time in his career via a second-round TKO victory, putting an end to Sterling's nine-fight winning streak.

    O'Malley is already one of the biggest stars in the company and with a title around his waist, his fame is expected to reach another level for years to come.

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    Despite his massive popularity, he's caused controversy following an appearance on Bradley Martyn's 'Raw Talk' podcast where he suggested he can cheat on his wife because he "pays for everything".

    The Montana native has been in a relationship with Danya Gonzalez for several years while the pair share a three-year-old daughter.

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    He told the bodybuilder: "I’m a king, I pay for everything, I treat Danya like a queen. If I get a little p**s on the side, what does that have to do with anything?

    "I have testosterone running through my veins; it’s simple," he added.

    O'Malley has stated previously that while the pair are indeed married, they are in an open relationship which grants them the freedom to be involved with others outside the marriage.

    He revealed that they've experienced threesomes and added about the complexities of their relationship when appearing on the Full Send podcast in 2022.

    "Everyone’s definition of an open relationship is different. I like to think of ours as just an open-minded relationship where we don’t own each other," he explained.

    "I don’t own her, and she doesn’t own me. When I first met Danya, I told her, "I don’t know why anyone would f*** the same chick for the rest of their life, I can’t do that." So she knew she wasn’t in love with a phoney me.

    "We’ve had some dope threesomes. Every relationship should be okay with it, that just needs to happen."

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